Seaside Momochi Seaside Park

Seaside Momochi Seaside Park

Basic Information


At the outdoor venue, Seaside Momochi Seaside Park, "Open Water Swimming" will be held from July 15 (Sat) to 20 (Thu) and "High Diving" from July 25 (Tue) to 27 (Thu).

Recommend point

【Open Water Swimming】
Open Water Swimming, a long-distance swimming event held in natural water such as oceans, rivers, and lakes, is also known as a "water marathon," and is a hard competition requiring not only skill but also knowledge and experience.

【High Diving】
The "high diving" event, which was added to the World Swimming Championships in 2013, involves diving into the water from a diving board that is more than twice as high as the high dive, with the women's diving board at 20 meters and the men's at 27 meters.